Cosmetic Dentistry in Palakkad

Cosmetic Dentistry is the term used for refering dental work which improves the appearance of person’s gum and teeth. It is primarily focuses on improving dental color, alignment, shape and size. Full mouth reconstruction, Porcelain crowns, Inlays and cheek, Cosmetic gum surgery, Smile makeover, Clear Orthodontic aligners, Tooth contouring and reshaping, Dental implants, Teeth whitening, Porcelain and composite dental veneers, Composite bonding and Porcelain bridgework are the Types of Cosmetic Dentistry. Get the advanced cosmetic dentistry treatments from best Dentist in Pathiripala.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry include :

  • Prevent future dental damage
  • Helps to look younger
  • Boost individual’s self confidence
  • Enhancing the career



Full Mouth Reconstruction : It is required for correcting the teeth’s functional problems.

Porcelain Crowns : Tooth shaped cap that is placed over a teeth which is made up of ceramic materials is known as porcelain crowns.  This helps to improve the function and appearance.

Tooth Whitening : This procedure is prefered for the people with stained tooth because of the reasons like smoking, poor oral hygiene, drinking (coffee and tea), and food. It is the best way to whiten the teeth.

Cosmetic Gum Surgery : It is a minor surgery used for reshaping the tissue of the gum.

Smile Makeover : It include one or more dentistry procedure for improving the overall appearance of the person.

Clear Orthodontic Aligners : It is the best option for straighten the misaligned teeth.

Tooth Contouring and Reshaping : Uses laser or drill for reshaping the teeth.

Dental Implants : Missing teeth or tooth because of the injury, decay or due to any other reasons is replaced with artificial tooth root which is placed into your jaw for holding a replacement  bridge or tooth.

Composite Bonding : It is used for improving and repairing the appearance of the decayed, broken or discoloured tooth

Porcelain Bridgework : Gap created due to the missing teeth or tooth is filled with bridge which is made up of ceramic material (porcelain) and also improves the functioning of the teeth.

Porcelain and Composite Dental Veneer : Dental imperfections are masked by veneer which is made up of hard tooth colored material (porcelain) that is adhesively bonded over surface of the teeth.

Inlays and Cheek : Using porcelain or composite material, indirect fillings are made. And this is adhesively bonded into decayed or damaged tooth.

Dr. Neethu’s Smile Care, the Best Dental Clinic in Palakkad offers the advanced Cosmetic Dentistry at an affordable cost. We have experts Doctors for providing comprehensive dental treatments to our patients under the leadership of Dr.Neethu Jyotish, one of the prominent Lady Dentist in Ottapalam.


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